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At Drake Welding, Inc., our mission is to ensure contractors experience "Steel Service At Ease." We are dedicated to delivering top-notch workmanship at competitive prices, placing customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.


Drake Welding, Inc. Offers Well-Qualified, Competitive Bids

Our meticulous estimating department is committed to providing contractors with accurate and well-qualified bids. We value collaboration and are more than willing to address any questions or concerns from you or your architect/engineer during the bidding stage. By working closely with you, we aim to achieve a highly qualified and precise bid. Rest assured, our team adheres to schedules and delivers bids promptly. For added convenience, Drake Welding, Inc. accepts online plan submissions, streamlining the process for contractors.


Skilled Staff Ensuring Quality Workmanship

At Drake Welding, Inc., our certified and experienced steel fabrication staff excels in structural steel fabrication. We provide comprehensive shop drawings to illustrate our work and ensure accuracy throughout the fabrication process. We prioritize adherence to schedules, guaranteeing that your project will be fabricated precisely and delivered as promised. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service and superior quality throughout your project.


Collaborating with Your Framing Staff for Accuracy

Our professional staff will arrive punctually and as scheduled to handle the steel installation for your project. We work in close coordination with your other sub-contractors or framers to ensure a seamless installation process. Equipped with all necessary field equipment, we facilitate easy installation. Rest assured that Drake Welding, Inc. is committed to providing an accurate and hassle-free installation experience for your project.

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