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Unmatched Quality and Reliability

For over six decades, Drake Welding, Inc. has been at the forefront of manufacturing top-notch trucks, flatbeds, van racks, and bed-cages. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices has made us a trusted name in the Bay Area's construction industry.


When you choose Drake Welding, Inc., you can trust that you're investing in the highest quality truck racks on the market. Our racks are built to last, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. We use only American-made steel, fully welded, square-tube design which is more durable and thicker than our competitors. It resists bending, denting, and flexing.

Domestic Materials for a Reliable Rack

Discover Our Extensive Line of Truck and Van Racks for Efficient Hauling

At Drake Welding, Inc. we understand the diverse needs of the construction industry. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of bed cages and racks for all trucks, flatbeds, and vans providing you with secure and efficient storage solutions for construction hauling, recreational, and custom applications needs. Explore our exceptional lineup:

  1. HD Truck Racks: Our heavy-duty (HD) line of truck racks are designed to be the strongest, and most reliable racks in the industry. Our fully welded square-tube design is the first and strongest rack on the market engineered for superior durability and functionality. The HD model comes in forklift loadable, non-drop designs and HD camper racks.

  2. Recreational & Overland Racks: Our super-single racks are perfect for recreational and overland needs. They can be customized in many different configurations for all applications and vehicles.

  3. Van & Utility Racks: We also offer utility bed racks and van racks to optimize storage and transportation capacity for your utility vehicles and vans. These racks are designed with precision to maximize efficiency and convenience. 

  4. Custom Commercial Racks: We can design and build anything for your custom flatbed, or any commercial needs, including flat-top racks for garage doors, chase racks for offroad enthusiasts, or anything else you can dream up—we do it all.

HD Truck Racks

Van & Utility Racks